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4Aero Hydrodynamics of SailingC. A. Marchaj701bA complete analysis of the forces acting on a sailing yacht, both above and below water. The fundamental factors governing a hull's behaviour, the principles of aero- and hydrodynamics, and details of new research into the behavious of sails. This is a major theoretical.00
44Boat Strength, The Elements ofDave Gerr352bAcclaimed author and naval architect Dave Gerr created this unique system of easy-to-use scantling rules and rules of thumb for calculating the necessary dimensions, or scantlings, of hulls, decks, and other boat parts, whether built of fiberglass, wood, wood-epoxy composite, steel, or aluminum. An in-depth, plain-English discussion on boatbuilding materials, methods, and practices that will guide you through all aspects of boat construction.00
19Design a Boat, How toJohn Teale156bThere is nothing magical or outstandingly clever about designing a boat, or even sketching out the sort of craft that appeals to you. Thisd book will take you step-by-step through the stages of designing both power and sailing boats, explaining the reasons behind the procedures and using sketches and reproductions of working drawings.00
3Design of Sailing Yachts, ThePierre Gutelle208bThe principles and practice of sailing yacht design. The air, wind, water and wave, The theory of aero- and hydrodynamics, friction, form drag, cavitation and viscosity. Equilibrium, transverse and longitudinal stability of sailing yachts. The power and ability of various rigs. A yacht at sea, heeling, pitching, rolling, yaw, their combination and prevention.00
34Illustrated Dictionary of Nautical Terms, TheGraham Blackburn349bAn illustrated reference to nautical terms with more than 2500 alphabetical entries, often cross-referenced. Includes names, terms, parts, and expressions of and relating to the sea and the vessels that sail it.00
40Nautical Terms, The Facts on File Dictionary ofThompson Lenfestey541bThe sea embraces a wide variety of disciplines each with its own unique assortment of terms and usages. These terms differ not only from vessel to vessel, whether iron or fiberglass, sail or diesel, but between the trades in which they sail. A wealth of information, much of which is not easily found even in professional publications.00
33Propeller HandbookDave Gerr152bThe Complete Reference for Choosing, Installing and Understanding Boat Propellers - Why won't your engine reach top rated RPMs? - Why is your propeller shaft vibrating? - Why doesn't your boat reach claimed speed? - Will changed propeller pitch be better? - Is a square wheel pitch best? - Is a folding prop best for your purposes? Should you choose a two-, three-, or four-bladed propeller?00
43Understanding Boat DesignTed Brewer147bThis book is a place to look for quick, uncomplicated answers to boat design questions. 00
10Yacht Design According to PerryRobert H. Perry280bA fascinating journey through the world of boats from the yacht designer whoi invented "performance cruising". Bob's personal look at the benchmark yacht designs of his prolific 34-year career.00
18Yacht Design, Principles ofLars Larsson & Rolf E Eliasson302bThis book examines every aspect of the process of yacht design. Throughout the book the authors have used a newly designed 40-footer to demonstrate the practical application of yacht design theory.00
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