Boat Designs As We See Them

Before buying a boat, and certainly before deciding on your boatbuilding project, you will have the interest to carefully review the designs of the boats on your shortlist in as much detail as you possibly can. Of course, your own selection criteria are the beginning of all decisions.

Our intention here is to review some of the designs we like most, and to initiate discussions on them. When you like boats, it may well be a fascinatingly interesting subject, and we can all learn from our discussions. Even if these design details are somewhat out of your interests, you can still benefit from reviewing some of the key points. It can certainly help you avoid some very costly mistakes and help you get the boat that performs as you have expected. And, if you already own a boat, it is always good to know why things are made the way they are.

If you have been through a design evaluation process before, this is a great opportunity for you to share some of your experiences and get some feedback from others.

Some of you might be actively browsing through boat designs looking for the one you like most, for the boat that you intend to buy or the one you might decide to build. For you, these pages may offer a well digested wealth of information that can help you with your choice...

You might be a boat designer or a professional boatbuilder yourself. You are welcome to take part in the discussions. Share your knowledge, promote your ideas, tell us why your designs and your products are so good. You will certainly find an eager audience here.

We can all learn from each other.

Boat Designs We Like

Right now our interests in boat designs can be grouped into three distinct categories:

The displayed designs are only the starting points to initiate discussions. We are listening to your ideas, views and interests. The best topics within the  Forums  and  wikiDoc  will make their way here to the front pages. Member Choices & Privileges

As a Member you can add new designs to these pages and rate every individual design that appears here. The intention is to identify and promote the best and most loved designs.


Together we know more. Together we can do more, and do it better.
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