About the youBoat.net Site

The youBoat.net spark started in Sydney, Australia, mid-January 2009, yet from the very beginning we have been widely international. The world is one place, and these blue oceans and seas connect everything together like wide blue freeways. While having your own boat of any kind does not mean you wish to criss-cross the oceans yet, it is a great way to be closer to nature, to have some active fun with your mates and to recharge your batteries.

In its own way, Internet resembles the world wide oceans. Oceans of information where you can find anything you want, any detail, any place, any destination, as long as you know how to navigate. Surfing on Internet and coming to this site is like coming to a warm, safe harbor where you can meet other people with interests similar to yours, exchange ideas, ask for their experiences, visit a local library and consult some references, and even write and publish your own content for others to see. When this site becomes good enough, you and other people may set it as their destination when sailing the Internet in search of boats, boating and boatbuilding information.

youBoat.net Is a User-Driven Site

With time, user-developed wikiDocumentation and active Forums should become the most valuable content of this site. Through them, site users just like you will drive this site ahead. They will do it for themselves and for their mates, for people with whom they share the same interests.

Together we know more. Together we can do more and do it better.

You are welcome to actively participate in designing and developing the content and functions of this site, its overall character and message, its business priciples and its future, all in line with your interests and desires. Treat this site as your own, it will respond in the same way.


The youBoat.net Core Team

The Core Team taking care of the technical details, developing and maintaining the youBoat.net site, consists of a bunch of enthusiasts about boats, sail and power, and no other power but you, about boating and DIY boatbuilding, and anything to do with the sea (you can add to that lakes and rivers, anything you can put a boat on or in). Some among us have the skills to build and sail boats, and the technical expertise to shape this site together.

We are building this site with love and keen interests in its key subjects. These are our strategic goals:

  1. To accumulate within this site a wide range of direct experiences on anything related to boats, boating, DIY boatbuilding and boat maintenance.

  2. To build the youBoat.net site into a comprehensive, reliable and valuable, interesting and enjoyable reference.

  3. To provide effective interactive features, where you can initiate your own topics of interest, ask questions and get advice from those that already have that particular experience, review any previous discussions and actively participate in the current ones.

  4. To effectively share the accumulated knowledge among the boating community, free.

  5. To give you an effective way for you to share your own experiences with others.

  6. To support an active worldwide community with interests in boats, boating and DIY boatbuilding, where everybody is treated with respect and good will, where every participant benefits from the freely available, easily accessible accumulated experiences.

  7. To provide a solid source of information and reference, shared experiences and companionship.
  8. To have the active youBoat.net community drive this site, set goals and strategies, determine and give it content and shape. Those who take a leading interest in these activities can, at their discretion, become part of the youBoat.net Core Team.

These are very ambitious goals. There is only so much that we can do alone. To achieve them in the best possible way, we do count on you.

While sharing experiences, we are learning from each other.

Together we know more. Together we can do more, and do it better.

You are welcome to come along as an active participant, a team mate, or as an interested observer. It is entirely up to you.

You can email us with your comments and suggestions.

Happy boating!

Together we know more. Together we can do more, and do it better.
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