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Using the site should be simple and self-evident in every step at all times.

If you are ever in a dilemma what is the next step, just read the page carefully, the guidance should be there. For easy navigation, you have the page-top menu from where you can branch into different areas of interest.

The subjects of boats, boating, DIY boatbuilding and boat maintenance are diverse and huge. The youBoat.net site is already substantial in size and internally complex, to grow even more so with time. Yet all internal complexities should be transparent to a visitor.

Our best intention is to make your every visit to this site interesting, informative, valuable and enjoyable. You can help us achieve that with your feedback.

If you encounter any problems, or if you have any comments or suggestions, please send us a message (select  ybSite  =>  Contact Us  from the top menu). If your message is about the site and its content, please add the version number displayed in the top right corner (you don't need to specify your email address, unless you expect a personal answer from us). Thank you.

You have free unrestricted access to all pages of the youBoat.net site, including the Forum where you can browse the existing discussions and use the content search features.

Login is required only before you can post a new forum message, start a new topic, ask a forum question or participate in existing discussions, or before you can add some new content to the site wikiDocumentation.

You are welcome to get your own free Login ID and password at the Login page. All we ask is that you use a site-unique nickname, your valid email address and optionally the country where you live (as it is interesting to others to better understand your boating and boatbuilding environment).

Together we know more. Together we can do more, and do it better.
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