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When you are interested in boats, boating, boat designs, DIY boatbuilding, boat maintenance and related subjects, you certainly have experiences and materials that you wish to share. At this stage, before wikiDocumentation and Forums become oprational, we ask you to use email for that. It is simple and effective.

Treat this site as your own, it will respond in this way.

For brief, text only materials, please use the above  ybSite  =>  Contact us  menu choice, or click this link.

To effectively send in longer texts, or materials that include graphics and/or pictures, please follow the guidelines below:

Please email your text, graphics and pictures you wish included in the site directly to

The preferred format for your materials would be any of the following:

  • HTML file
  • Microsoft Visual Studio aspx file
  • Microsoft Word
  • pdf file (editable, or supplied together with the edit password)
  • Text file (txt)

Please attach all the graphics and the pictures you wish included as separate files (preferably in the jpg or gif format).

If you have any preferences, please specify explicitly in which section of the site (sail, power, DIY...) you would like your material to appear.

Your accepted material will appear under your name/nickname, and you will have full credit for it. Please do not forget to clearly specify the name that should appear with the text. We suggest that you also include your country (obviously, talking about boats is strongly influenced by the country where you life). Optionally, you can add your email address (it will appear with your name in text format). You can also add a Web site address (active link to your or some other site); please contact us to arrange.

We will accept materials relevant to the subjects of boats, boating and boatbuilding. If we consider that any editing might be required, we will contact you with our suggestions prior to publishing your material. In the best interest of the boating community, we reserve the right to decline irrelevant or improper materials, texts that contain abusive language and materials that may offend someone. In such cases, we shall contact the author with our clear suggestions how to correct the deficiencies before re-submitting.

Please contact us for any clarification as required.

NOTE: The above methods will remain valid at all times. Yet, there will be a far simpler, more direct and more effective way for you to prepare and send in your materials. It will be a major quality, content and functional improvement.

Together we know more. Together we can do more, and do it better.
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